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"I absolutely love Dr Brouwer and his staff. I get nothing but the very best care. Dr Brouwer is always attentive and really cares about my well being, and the staff makes me feel at ease when I am nervous and worried. I can't imagine going anywhere else for my healthcare! Dr Brouwer is the best!!" 

" We have been Dr Brouwer's patients for nearly 20 years and patients of the concierge service since inception. Medical care and staff have always been outstanding. The current service creates greater accessibility to Dr Brouwer by phone and office visits. His nursing staffs keep on top of needs and follow-up. They are always professional and friendly. We have recommended the practice to others and say it is a great option for healthcare in the present environment." 
-Herman & Joann

"Best staff around. Everyone's so pleasant, well trained and interested in the patients. Dr Brouwer is the best!" 

" Dr Brouwer and his staff are wonderful. The best medical care in the OC. Caring and compassionate." 

"Very kind and understanding. Very patient." 

"Dr Brouwer is a great doctor. It's wonderful who is so thorough. He runs a good office. The staff is always very efficient and helpful. Brianna is a very good member of his team." 
-Catherine S

"Has a lot of patience with his patients." 

"Dr David Brouwer is one very dedicated physician! For many years now he has looked after my family and I, and we have always felt comfortable and confident with is knowledge and compassion for all our medical needs. His staff is warm and experienced, and this only adds additional confidence in the services we receive. I highly recommend the Newport Beach Medical Associates and especially our dear Dr Brouwer!" 

"I find Dr Brouwer responds to calls. He is informative and engaged in problem solving during regularly scheduled appointments." 

"Dr Brouwer has been our family physician for the last 9 years. I cannot express how grateful we are to Dr Brouwer's practice and his staff. Exceptional care with every phone call and visit. There has never been a where we have been disappointed, aggravated, or were not able to reach a doctor. I would say his practice has kept my family extremely healthy. A+++ marks!" 

"I love Dr Brouwer and his staff. He spends lots of time with me and listens." 

"He is a wonderful, caring doctor, who always has time to listen. We feel fortunate to have him as our internist." 

" My family has been patients of Dr Brouwer for many years and have had the best medical care, response time for concerns and/or questions. He has a true caring bedside manner." 

"Fantastic communicator. Dr Brouwer keeps you healthy and is responsive to situations that come up. Appointments are respected. His nurses are a pleasure to deal with. They make things as pain free as possible." 
-Mike S

"This is the best medicine in the 21 century. Every single test, scan, results, etc are available 24/7. Besides getting the best physician and the best care, we get the most transparent and easily accessed health information in the country. Thank you Dr Brouwer!" 

"I am very pleased with the service of Dr Brouwer and his staff they are very pleasant and available when needed. A professional group. I would recommend them highly. Dr Brouwer keeps up with the latest information and lets his patients know about them. He takes his time to explain these reports to his patients. Keep up the good work!!" 
-Mary Lou


"I have never had a doctor like Dr. Brouwer, he is absolutely the best!" 
-Katrina S.

"I love being a patient in this practice!" 
-Joanne M.

"Enrolling in the concierge program is the best investment I have ever made." 
-David L.

"It is very informative to sit down in privacy and talk with your physician about your health in detail." 
-Ron R.

"Best patient care I've ever experienced.  Great to have such timely responses to calls from both Dr. B. and staff." 
-Jack C.

"Dr. Brouwer is one of the best trained and most thorough doctors I know." 
-David G.

"From the time you call the office to the time Dr. Brouwer calls you back is very short and impressive.  I find the promises he made at the time of signing up have been kept." 
-Penny N.

"Dr. Brouwer has made me feel that my medical issues are always a priority and I have received excellent treatment!  100% happy.  Thanks to Dr. Brouwer, I now feel that I have a personal physician that cares about my medical needs!" 
-Barbie M.

"The medical attention I receive from Dr. Brouwer and staff gives me a very secure feeling." 
-Linda G.

"Great program - good for the doctor - good for the patients." 
-Bob and Ryoko G.

"Dr. Brouwer and staff are just awesome people." 
-Kathy P.

"First rate service; particularly helpful in dealing with specialists and interpreting results." 
-Richard S.

"I love the robe!  I love the care and time Dr. Brouwer has spent with me.  I feel he knows me and cares about me and together we are managing my wellness." 
-Patricia B.

"It is nice to know that there is a doctor who is willing to be full service...that has been missing with other doctors who rush you in and out." 
-Eric A.

"Very happy with personal attention from Dr. B....feel like it should be this way." 
-Laurie M.

"The response, service and care have been excellent this year!" 
-Richard and Judy V.

"I had such excellent care with Dr. Brouwer before he went to the concierge program there was no doubt I would sign up to keep him." 
-Anna A.