Who is eligible to participate in the concierge practice?
It will be available to individuals age 17 and over. 

If I am hospitalized, will you be taking care of me in the hospital?
Yes.  I am on staff at Hoag Hospital Newport Beach and will be caring for you there.  If you are admitted to another local hospital and are in stable condition, all measures will be taken to facilitate your transfer to Hoag.

Why should I participate in a concierge practice?
As your personal physician, I will not have the same time restraints that are typical in the traditional model of practice.  This provides us more time to address your concerns, and initiate a preventive wellness plan to keep you healthy.  You will have around-the-clock access to me, and you will benefit from convenient appointment scheduling addressed to your needs. I will also communicate directly with the specialty physicians involved in your care, thereby ensuring good understanding of various medical complexities.

Are you a preferred provider on any HMO or PPO health plans?
No.  As a courtesy, our staff will bill your PPO insurance at the time of service for routine office visits.  Please check with your plan regarding coverage details since we would be considered an out-of-network provider.  The concierge program is not a substitute for health insurance. HMO services are not available in our practice.

Are you a Medicare provider?
Yes, we participate in Medicare. Concierge program benefits apply to those services not already covered by Medicare.

What type of services are available in your office? 
Most importantly, we provide phlebotomy services to our patients to eliminate the lengthy waits one typically endures when visiting a laboratory.  We also commonly perform in our office electrocardiograms, spirometry (lung flow test), screening audiometry, ear lavage, vaccinations, memory screening, carotid ultrasound screening.